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xPower Clients

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The xPower product from powersoft is brilliant! The item break down report in the system is particularly practical to use because it provides access to an item's complete history instantly.

Plaza Ceramics


Back then, manually verifying the customer balance caused a number of challenges, but now that we have purchased the powersoft's xPower accounting software, there are no longer any issues. The billing system is first-rate, and our customers particularly like how convenient it is.

Zam Zam Cellular


xPower offers outstanding customer support from beginning to end of the process. The team was very friendly, patient and understanding. They went extra mile at every stage to satisfy our requirements. Their system is simple to use and has a variety of features.

United Power House
Mr. Ramly

The software is excellent! Using xPower accounting software I was able to expand my firm in numerous parts of the island and also, overseas recently. The reports to analyze are straightforward. Moreover, billing and managing customer outstandings are precise and convenient as well.

Happy Time Pvt Ltd
Mr. Mohammed Shilmy

xPower's quality of work is outstanding. I purchased xPower accounting software for both of my company's branches, and its extremely efficient! I highly recommend them.

NetCom Cellular
Mr. Indika

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